Wednesday, 30 March 2011

A to Z Challenge Preview

I'm in Washington now, limited to 30 minutes at the hotel computer, but I haven't forgotten my commitment to the A to Z Challenge.  I have prepared.

Through the month of April, every day but Sunday, I will be blogging about a topic beginning with a letter from A to Z.  Here is a taste of what's coming up.  Hope you will be back to read them:

  • This being a genealogy blog, the first post is going to be "A is for Addiction."
  • Stay tuned for "B is for Bannia" where I'll share a summary of the parish census from Bannia, a frazione of the Comune di Fiume Veneto in the Friuli region of Italy.  The census is from 1895.  Friends and family from Sault Ste. Marie will recognize many of the families.
  • "C is for Caherolickane" -- it's not just hard to say, or even a pretty background picture.  Writing this blog helped me figure out a bit more about one leaf on the family tree.
  • "D is for Devon" -- that's Devonshire, where the cream comes from, and my favourite Burrows gents.
  • "E is for Ellis Island" -- if you're researching your family tree in North America, chances are you'll find one of your peeps coming through Ellis Island.
More to come.  I'm still deciding if F will be for Fano, where my grandmother was born, or for Uncle Frank's first marriage.  What do you think?  G is definitely genetti cookies (thank you Aunty Anna).  And there is much more to come about the Moynihans, Burrows and others in my family tree.

If this A to Z challenge intrigues you, please check out some of the other 800!! bloggers also covering A to Z through April.  You can find links to their sites on the Tossing it Out blog.

And any of you who ever have to pack a lunch or feed a little one, please check out Kim's blog The Lunch Box.  I first learned of the Challenge on Kim's site.  I can't wait to see what delicious and practical suggestions she'll have for us through the A to Z Challenge. 

So long from Washington.  Come on back Friday, April 1 for the beginning of my genealogical take on the A to Z Challenge.


  1. I vote Uncle Frank's first marriage. I'm sure some of our cousins don't even know he was married before Auntie.....and if you haven't got all of your letters figured out, let me know, perhaps I can help with some ideas on stuff I need / want to know....have fun in Washington!!

  2. Frank's first marriage it is. You'll see it next week.

    Any ideas for X or Y? I haven't got a lot of possiblities for J, O or V. I'm figuring, though that V has to be for Vanda. Jim's getting all the attention so far!

    Surprisingly, T is tough too. Alliteration!

    Ideas welcome!

  3. I know i want to hear about this first marriage of Zio's. I had no idea!