Friday, 25 March 2011

Let's be Realistic

Did you see the episode of Who Do You Think You Are with Rosie O'Donnell?

It was rebroadcast on March 18.  If you missed it, Rosie's family history included a young mother who died after a gas lamp exploded while she was holding her baby and Rosie learned of family members who lived in a workhouse in Ireland during the Famine.

That was an episode The Bean asked to stay up past her bedtime to watch.  She really liked it.  The Bean says it was cool.  For her, it was amazing that that mother was able to save her baby.  And she was struck that in the workhouse, two year olds were separated from their parents and children were kept in the coldest part of the building.  We don't know how many of our relatives died during the Famine in Ireland, but The Bean says she wants to learn.  She asked me to tell you that she loves genealogy.  And she even knows how to spell it!

Like The Bean, I thought the Rosie episode was a good one.  So I was surprised to learn that wasn't everyone's reaction.  I was on Dear Myrtle's site and saw her blog post Take off your rose-colored glasses.  One of Myrt's readers found the Rosie episode depressing, and a waste of time.  I share Myrt's view:  not many of us have royal roots like Brooke Shields and we should take off the rose-coloured glasses if we're going to look back on how our ancestors lived.

Dear readers who are Moynihan, Bertolo, Burrows and Kazuke relatives:  you won't find me writing too much about kings and queens.  In our families, if there was a royal involved, we were most likely fleeing from him. 

From the research I've done to date, we have come a long way from the poverty our ancestors experienced.  If you own your home, have a full belly, and CAN READ, then you should be very, very grateful.  And maybe you should thank those ancestors for having come to Canada when they did.  I do.

I encourage you to watch Who Do You Think You Are -- it'll give you a taste for the addiction that is genealogy.  By the way, see my post next Friday, April 1st for more on that addiction.  Once you've got the bug, read Dear Myrtle.  Myrt knows what she's talking about.  Her site  has lessons and organizational tips for new and old genealogists. 

I have a dilemma tonight.   Who Do You Think You Are is on, but so is the hockey game.  Steve Buscemi's family will have to wait till I can watch the recording.  Go Sens Go!


  1. The Bean was touched by this issue and is now writing a song called "Take off those Rose-coloured Glasses." I can't wait to hear ti.

  2. Kathy you need to invest in a PVR! It was the best thing we ever bought! You will never have to worry about missing a favourite show again! And I am super proud of your little Bean for writing a song! I bet it is fantastic like everything the Bean does! Are they excited for thier upcomming birthday? Benjamin is excited for his birthday buddy's shared birthday and asked about his friends plans the other day! Anything special going on in the Burrow Moynihan household?