About Me

While I’m known as Katherine at work, I’m Kathy to my family and Kate to my in-laws and neighbours. Here I’m Jim’s Girl, because my dad is the reason I’m hooked on genealogy.
Like many of us, in elementary school (Grade 5, was it?), I had to do a project on my family tree. My Aunty Mary had the info on mom’s side of the family, and dad had the info on his. Grade 5 was a long, long time ago, but I can still see that first squiggly family tree I drew. I can feel the paper. My first attempt to trace my family tree hooked me. And it was because of my dad.

I started using the internet in the mid-1990s to research family history and connect with possible relatives. More recently, Ancestry.com has helped me get in touch with many lovely folks who may or may not be related to me or my husband. So many of them have terrific info to share, that I thought a blog would help us share info across branches of our family tree.

So here I am: Jim’s Girl. Welcome to the Jim's Girl Family History Blog.

I will be sharing my experiences and tips from my own family history research. See my Surnames page for the families I'm researching and where they're located.

I hope to hear from you and welcome your participation. You can comment on blog posts or email me directly at jimsgirlblog at gmail.com.