Saturday, 30 April 2011

Z is for Zucchini Fritti

Today marks the end of the A to Z Challenge of April 2011. As soon as I started thinking about whether I could find a topic for each letter of the alphabet, my daughter the Bean jumped in with an idea for Z: Nona’s fried zucchini.
My mom’s been making these for years, and for the last while, I’ve been helping her. Mine aren’t yet as delicious as hers. I don’t know why, but my mom’s specialties always taste better than my versions. Here’s the recipe for you.
Zucchini Fritti
  •  1-2 medium zucchini, approximately 2-3” diameter is a good size  (oops, original post somehow skipped the zucchini, a key ingredient
  • Salt
  • Flour
  • Beaten eggs
  • Bread crumbs, seasoned if you like
  • Vegetable Oil
Slice the zucchini in coins about a ¼" thick. Salt both sides and spread them in a colander. Leave them a half an hour to an hour to drain excess water.
Pour oil into a skillet, at least ½ deep. Heat the oil to medium heat.

Dredge a piece of zucchini first in flour, then dip it in eggs, followed by bread crumbs, then lay in the hot oil. Fill the pan with the battered zucchini, but don't overcrowd them.

Once the zucchni pieces have turned golden-brown on the bottom, flip them over. Continue to cook until the zucchini pieces are golden-brown on both sides and a fork goes easily into the zucchini.  If the oil gets low, add some between batches.  It's probably best to let the added oil heat before adding more zucchni to the pan.

Remove the cooked zucchini from the pan and lay on paper towels to absorb excess oil.

Serve warm.

I'd like to thank all the readers who've stopped by during the A to Z Challenge to read and comment.  It's been a pleasure to "meet" you.


  1. Yum! Good suggestion, Bean! We will have to try this one. I am so glad you joined the challenge. I feel like I got a chance to know you better because of it...Almost like we were climbing a mountain together. And now it's done! Time for a drink! (and a lunch date!) And tell your DH, its hard to cheer for the Canucks, but I will try!

  2. The challenge really was worth the effort.

    I think we earned a drink for sure, but in my case it was just tea. I bought a new teapot today that is fantastic: stylish shape, feels good in the hand, pours beautifully, and only 8 bucks! I think I'll go back tomorrow and buy two more, one for work and one for my mom.

    You cheer for the Canucks, if you can. I don't think we can bring ourselves to cheer against Mike Fisher, our favourite former Ottawa Senator.

    Glad to get to know you in the blogosphere, Kim. Next time you're back east we'll meet in real life. Take care, and congrats again.

  3. Mmmm! Sounds good. Great idea for Z.