Monday, 4 April 2011

C is for Caherolickane

I think I've mentioned before that the background on my blog is a photo I took in West Cork in May 2008 when I was lucky enough to stop in Ireland to visit family on my way to a conference for work.  Specifically, the photo was taken in the townland of Caherolickane, where my cousin has a home.

Caherolickane.  It looks a bit intimidating, that word.  Let's break it down:  CA-her-uh-LICK-an-uh.  At least, that's how I say it.

The Griffith's Valuation for County Cork was completed in 1853, according to a web source I'm having trouble finding again.  (If someone has better info and a source, please share.)  At that time, the following were living at Caherolickane:
  • George Moss, junior
  • George Moss
  • John Minahane, junior
  • John Minahane
  • John Sullivan (Laure)
  • John Minahane (Tailor)
  • John Minahane
  • Denis Minahane
  • Catherine Coughlan
  • John Sullivan (Laure) -- again
  • John Sullivan (Baroul)
  • Denis Connor
  • Daniel Minahane
  • Michael Harrington
  • Timothy Sullivan
  • Joanna Harrington
In the Griffith's, if there were two men of the same name in a townland, they were typically distinguished in some way, such as indicating their professions (e.g., tailor) or appearance (e.g., red).  I wish I could tell you what Laure and Baroul mean, but I haven't found a meaning yet.  Does anyone know?

By the time of the 1901 Irish Census, there were far fewer households in Caherolickane:
  • John Moss
  • John Sullivan
  • John Daly
  • Bridget Harrington
  • Dan Sullivan
  • Bridget Hegarty -- Bridget was a widow, 90 years of age, described as a "retired farm servant"
  • Mary McCarthy
  • Pat Moynihan
  • Tim Sullivan
The census tells us that many of the women of about 50 years of age were unable to read.  And those who were head of household often signed the census sheet with an X.  Men and women of this age, however, typically spoke both English and Irish.

In 1911, the following households were in Caherolickane:
  • John Sullivan
  • Bridget Harrington
  • John Daly
  • Daniel Sullivan
  • Bridget Sullivan
  • Cornelius Moynihan-- his father Patrick had died since the last census
  • Mary McCarthy
  • John Moss
In 1911, many of the families had unmarried children at home in their late twenties and early thirties.

I had a look at my tree on Family Tree Maker (FTM) to see exactly who Patrick and Cornelius Moynihan were to me.  Well, Patrick was my first cousin, three times removed and Cornelius was my second cousin, twice removed.  I'll explain the cousin thing in another post.  Between the details dad gave me on the family and what was on the two census forms, it was easy to match Patrick and Con to people in my tree.  But the census allow me to confirm birth dates and names.  It's always good to have another source.  Patrick was known as Little Paid (pronounced Pawd) and Cornelius as Conn Paid.  The census data also allowed me to clarify a question mark I had in the tree.  I had Con's wife as either Marg Ellen or Eliza Sullivan.  The 1911 census tells me Con was married to Eliza, but it also tells me that Eliza had borne no children and been married only ten years.  The children in the household, all over 10, appear to be Con's children from a previous wife, Marg Ellen perhaps?

The West Cork parish registers will be available online later in 2011 and they should help me track down exactly who Con's first wife, mother of the three children was.  I'll let you know when it comes online.


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  3. great story! I bet your dad is just as excited about your interest in family history - keep writing.....