Sunday, 8 May 2011

Canada's Census 2011 -- Just say Yes!

Well, I've submitted my census questionnaire for 2011.  To all my Canadian readers:  please, please say "yes" to the question at the end requesting permission to share your census information in 92 years.

For those of you who have been researching your family history for some time, you know how useful census information can be for tracking our relations. 

I thank the censuses of Canada, the United States, England, Ireland and Wales for telling me:
  • That Mino Bertolo came to Canada in1903 and was naturalized in 1907.
  • That the uncle Patrick Moynihan went to Andover to live with was his mother's brother, William Harnedy.
  • That my great-grandmother Margaret Leahy (neé Regan) had 12 children, not 11.  So there's one more baptismal record to look for.
  • That Margaret's father-in-law Patrick Leahy was still alive in 1901 and was blind but still fluent in Irish.
  • That Jno Lawrence is John Lawrence.  Who knew John needed a short-form?!
  • That our Burrows family lived primarily in and around Bampton, Devon. 
I want to help future researchers, so I said "yes" to the StatsCan question.  I'll share my census information with future generations.

Will you?

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